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Galvin Green Polo Shirts

The Galvin Green polo shirt range consists of two types of manufactured shirts, being the VENTIL8™ and the VENTIL8™ PLUS. The Galvin Green VENTIL8™ polo shirt has a very smooth and soft feel, with a high level of breathability. The VENTIL8™ PLUS polo shirts such as the MartyMax Tour, Maddox all offer an extremely high level of breathability with excellent moisture wicking properties. To shop all our polos from past or present collections you can find them in the Galvin Green Sale section. 

Galvin Green use sustainable fabrics that coincide with BLUESIGN and carefully make use of selected materials with unique properties, which help to transport moisture and excess heat away more efficiently than a conventional polyester golf shirt. Galvin Green have made this possible by using advanced technology whereby the textile fibres are designed to disperse perspiration and moisture over a large area, allowing the moisture to evaporate more rapidly.