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Over the past few years mens golf shoes have changed significantly. Spikeless golf shoes are quickly becoming more popular than traditional spiked golf shoes.  With the introduction of new technology and contemporary styling, there has never been such a variety of choice in the golf shoe market. Manufacturers now produce models geared towards all climates and ground conditions, wet, rough or soft. A serious golfer needs sturdy shoes to enhance their performance and allow them to play in all weather.

Whether you are after mens golf shoes that are modern, lightweight or traditional, we stock an extensive range to meet your needs. We also offer discounted footwear in our golf shoes sale. We stock many of the top brands such as, adidas, Nike, Puma available in a range of sizes.

Choosing The Perfect Pair

The perfect pair of golf shoes can often be very personal, whether you want extra cushioning, increased stability, or maximum feel with more dynamic flexibility. Depending on your ability, its often found that more powerful players benefit from better stability, whilst soft and more flexible footwear can assist players with slower swings. We’ve also found the choosing the right footbed, with the correct support and width, play a huge part in purchasing a comfortable long-lasting pair of shoes.

Available in all sizes, from UK 7 to UK 12, you’ll find the perfect pair of golf shoes for men in our collection below. We offer a range of winter golf shoes and summer golf shoes and regularly run a golf shoes sale.

As we all know, choosing the right pair can still be difficult, thats why the staff at Original Green are always available to answer any questions and help you find the best golf shoes. So why wait? Shop the latest golf shoes for men today!

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