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Golf Bags

Here at Original Green, we provide an extensive range of golf bags designed with the needs of all standards of golfer in mind.  The golf bags we stock are available in a variety of different styles and sizes suitable for every golfer.

From our range of golf bags for sale, you’ll find a selection of top brands such as Ping, Sun Mountain and Powakaddy.  These well-known manufacturers build some of the best golf bags and guarantee exceptional value. Each brand has golf bags for sale aimed at different golfers, normally offering a choice of stand bags, cart bags, pencil bags and Tour bags.

When it comes to choosing a new golf bag, you will be spoilt for choice at Original Green. One of our popular golf bags for sale is the Ping Hoofer stand bag, available in a few different colours, featuring a 5-way divider system, 11 pockets and adjustable shoulder straps. The Ping Hoofer has been the preferred choice for serious golfers for many years.

Another example includes the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite cart bag, which has 14-way dividers, a lightweight Nylon fabric with integrated lift-assist handles for easy lifting and lowering. The Sun Mountain H2NO waterproof cart bag is part of our premium range of golf bags, offering the unrivalled performance.  

What golf bag should you buy?

A golf bag is an essential piece of equipment for any golfer, choosing the right bag depends on a few factors. The type of course you play, your age, body limitations and the players ability.

If you play on a course with undulations, we’d recommend a cart bag as one of the best golf bags to buy. However, if you play on a relatively flat golf course, in good physical shape, a stand bag may be a better option. Perhaps weather conditions are impacting on your performance, choose from our selection of waterproof golf bags designed to keep your equipment dry whatever the weather.

As well as considering practicality, combining style with functionality is very important. Having a bag that is up to date and stylish can also boost your confidence, as well as making a statement on the golf course.

When choosing the right bag, price always plays an important part in the decision as each golfer has a different budget. It not always best to buy cheap golf bags, as they might not fulfil all your needs and it could end up costing you more long term. If you are looking to save money on the latest model, visit the Original Green sale page and shop our range of cheap golf bags.

If you are still struggling to decide on which bag to buy, our knowledgeable sales team are always available to offer practical advice and help you make an informed decision.