Adidas TOUR360 XT SL Golf Shoes | Original Green
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adidas TOUR360 XT SL Golf Shoes

adidas TOUR360 XT SL Golf Shoes
adidas Golf released their latest additions to their TOUR360 golf shoe franchise this month, with the unveiling of the TOUR360 XT and TOUR360 XT SL - their first-ever spikeless version of the shoe. These X-shaped lugs provide more stability and can react with better traction through uneven lies due to their eight-sided touch points with the ground.
According to adidas, players will be able to feel even more locked in throughout the swing as a result, allowing the lugs to react to any conditions a player might encounter. The underlying thread between all three models is this X-shaped traction system to provide the best grip without sacrificing any comfort.  The entire outsole features the X-Traxion lug system, strategically placed so players get the comfort of spikeless while still maintaining the grip they expect from a high-performance shoe. 

adidas golf shoes have always been a popular choice for many golfers, but the introduction of their new sole design will probably see golfing loyalists move away from competitor brands to experience the technological benefits.

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