Why choose Galvin Green Gore-Tex?

Galvin Green Gore-Tex Waterproofs | Original Green


Here at Original Green, we know that living in the United Kingdom weather can be very unpredictable especially rainfall. It can strike at any time of the year, from a cool summer evening to what was forecast to be a crisp, dry winter afternoon. It’s a sad reality, but back in 1978, us Brits were handed a new weapon in the battle against wet weather. It was called Gore-Tex. Which is a brand name for a waterproof, windproof, breathable, durable fabric, designed by WL Gore &

Associates in 1969. A “breathable” fabric is one that stops liquid water getting in, but let’s the water vapour out.

It's often found in the best waterproof jackets, such as our Galvin Green Waterproof collection which is up there at the very top of the market leading in high quality waterproofs.

Galvin Green Gore-Tex Waterproofs | Original Green


Galvin Green Gore-Tex, contains a membrane made up of over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square cm. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule. This allows the Gore-Tex to be completely waterproof from the outside elements, while also allowing the moisture to escape from the inside. The Gore-Tex membrane is bonded to an anti-abrasion outer layer to protect it. This outer layer then has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) applied to it. The DWR stops the outer layer becoming saturated with water, which would prevent water-vapour getting out, reducing the breathability and causing damp patches on the inside of the fabric. This basic construction is a “2-layer” waterproof fabric. If an inner layer is also bonded to the Gore-Tex membrane, it creates a more durable “3-layer” fabric.

Gore-Tex Fabrics | Original Green

Galvin Green Care Guide

If you want to get the very best out of your waterproofs, then you need to be taking the right care for them, however sometimes it’s not always clear how you go about that. With Galvin Green Gore-Tex, you know you have a product of the highest quality that deserves looking after. Here is our Galvin Green care guide.

Store your Galvin Green Waterproofs in a dry environment at home when not in use.

  • Hang the garments on hangers to keep and maintain their fitted shape.
  • Fold your waterproofs neatly, when storing them in your golf bag, with the jacket zipped up and kept away from any sharp objects.
  • Dry your waterproofs off fully inside and out, while making sure to clean or wash them down from any mud and grass, before putting them away again.
  • Galvin Green Waterproofs are machine washable, but be sure to read the labels inside, for the correct wash.
  • Washing Instructions

Follow these key washing points, so you can maintain your Galvin Green waterproofs and keep them looking at their very best.

  • Machine wash warm at 40 degrees
  • Combine with similar colours
  • DO NOT use bleach or a fabric softener
  • Tumble dry at a medium heat
  • Remove from tumble dryer promptly
  • Iron at a medium temperature 150/300F
  • DO NOT iron on the print
  • Keep away from fire and sharp objects.

Follow this Galvin Green care guide carefully to keep your Gore-Tex waterproofs looking and feeling as good as the day you bought them.

Galvin Green Standard Gore-Tex | Original Green


What sets the Galvin Green apart from the competition is that they are one of only a few brands to use the Gore-Tex material. Gore-Tex is fully waterproof however it’s great attribute is that it is also breathable, and it keeps the water out while also letting out perspiration at the same time. The standard Gore-Tex is very durable and has a slightly thicker feel to it, but it is soft and smooth which provides a comfortable garment to wear.

Galvin Green Paclite Gore-Tex | Original Green

Gore-Tex Paclite

The Gore-Tex Paclite is also hard wearing and comfortable to wear but it is much lighter than the standard Gore-Tex. This seems to be preferred by the more professional player as you have a bit more freedom of movement when playing Golf. From our experience the Paclite is not quite as warm to wear as the standard Gore-Tex as they often have a thicker layer to keep you warmer.

Stretch Material

The stretch material is still a Gore-Tex garment but the clever guys at Galvin Green have managed to develop a four way stretch which is comfortable to wear. Especially when playing golf it allows you to swing freely. All the Galvin Green waterproof trousers will have a zip at the bottom of the trouser and they also all have an elasticated waist for a fast and easy way to wear.

Galvin Green Andy Trouser

Galvin Green Andy Men’s Gore-Tex waterproof Golf Trouser are the top-selling option from Galvin Green and are continued yet again for another season. They are designed using Gore-Tex fabric with a solid lining to keep you dry and comfortable in the worst conditions.

Featuring a clever design and reinforced fabric for strengthened inner leg seams and exceptional durability, these trousers are a must have item.

  • Black or Navy
  • Gore-tex
  • Sizes Small to 4XL
  • Elasticated Waist
  • Zip at end of leg
  • Extremely Breathable
  • Front Pockets with Fleece Lining
  • Back Pocket

Galvin Green Arthur Trouser

The extremely popular Arthur Gore-Tex Paclite waterproof trousers are back again for another season. Weighing only 320g they are very lightweight at and come in a great range of sizes and 2 smart colour choices.

Gore-Tex membrane contains over 1.4 billion microscopic pores per square cm. These pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule, which makes Gore-Tex membrane completely waterproof from the outside, while allowing moisture to escape from the inside.

  • Two Colours – Black or Navy
  • Gore-tex Paclite
  • Sizes Small to 3XL
  • Elasticated Waist
  • Zip at end of leg
  • Fleece Lined Fromt Pockets
  • Back Pocket
  • Lightweight 320g