Original Penguin Return to Golf
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Original Penguin Return to Golf

Original Penguin Return to Golf
Those shorter in the tooth will not be aware of Original Penguin's pioneering work in golf clothing. Yes, they may well know the brand for its other popular fashion lines, but ask them about the bird in golf and you will probably be met with tumbleweed. 
Alas, through the 1960s-1980s, the American brand decked out some of the sport’s most prolific players - Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were among them. They were a progressive behemoth in the arena - and they are about to re-open the doors. 
What is the style of the new line?
The style is fashionable golf apparel that plays to the brands heritage. We have curated a line that stays very true to Original Penguin's heritage by using patterns and prints from our company's archives while integrating them with modern fabrications creating a perfect On/Off Course product.

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