Galvin Green Action C-Knit Jacket

Galvin Green Action C-Knit Jacket


We take a more detailed look at the Galvin Green Action jacket. The new C-Knit Technology which is the latest waterproof innovation to be engineered by Galvin Green.  

At Original Green we often get asked, “Why is the Action Jacket more expensive than the others in the collection?”

We hope the comment from Golf Monthly at the bottom of this article helps to explain why the Action jacket is more costly, but there are a few additional reasons. Let's start with the technology: the Galvin Green Action C-KNIT™ Gore-Tex waterproof jacket includes Galvin Green's cutting-edge C-KNIT™ Gore-Tex super-stretch 3-layer fabric and has a full zip. The new 3-layer fabric is made using C-KNIT™ Japanese technology, which makes the garment softer and quieter.

Let's take a closer look at the Gore-Tex Super stretch inserts. These very flexible panels, which are made up of several small hexagons and are located on the back, elbows, and shoulders, allow maximum freedom of movement so you don't lose distance or time when trying to perform that vital shot in a heavy downfall. The C-Knit backer, with its super-smooth surface that decreases friction with the clothing underneath and makes it easier to slide your arms in fast if an unexpected shower comes in, is another feature that aids maximise movement.

The strengthened Techsteel parts on the shoulders and lower back, which give added durability in regions put under stress when walking with your bag, will also appeal to bag carriers. Even on a cold day, carrying your clubs around might cause you to sweat, but the Action jacket's breathability ensures you don't overheat.

You can also create a snug, but still unrestrictive fit too, which eliminates excess fabric getting in the way with the adjustable cuffs (specifically shaped for a golfer’s needs), adjustable chest width via the Velcro straps under the armpits, and even a drawstring that adjusts the collar width to help prevent water entry down the back of your neck.

Finally, front pockets top off what is a functional and convenient garment, equipped with all the features a golfer needs to play their best in the rain. It’s windproof and looks the part too, so you may well find yourself wearing it more than you think which is exactly what you want from a garment with a premium price tag.


The Galvin Green Action jacket can be paired with the Alpha Gore-Tex waterproof trousers, Daxton Insula half zip for warmth, and the pro-looking Max Tour VENTIL8+ polo shirt, as well as the fashionable Dex snood, to combat the wintery circumstances you can be tested in. This outfit pieced together will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable, leaving you free to concentrate on your game.


“Clearly no stone has been left unturned in creating the Action jacket. The features included will genuinely make a difference to a golfer's mindset when playing in the rain, embracing the challenge rather than dreading it, because they will be properly equipped to take it on.” – Five Star Review, Golf Monthly.

Key features of the Action jacket include

  • Smooth 'slide and glide' inside
  • Stretch, breathable, windproof fabric
  • Shaped sleeves for easy movement
  • Techsteel™ technology across shoulders and lower back for more durability
  • Front zippered hand pockets, chest width adjusters and adjustable cuffs and elasticated hem
  • Lightly padded collar for extreme comfort
  • BLUESIGN approved fabric (sustainable choice)
  • 100% Waterproof Polyester with ePTFE membrane - Gore-Tex fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime waterproof warranty


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